Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hump day

It has been a loooong week - and it is only Wednesday or Hump day.
I have been knitting a bit, but otherwise not much has been created at my house. So I had to dig into my photo files and came across my first Ricky Tims "Convergence Quilt". The technique is great and like Forrest Gump "You just never know what you gonna get". It always is a surprise how the quilt turns out and it always looks beautiful.

As you can see the top was made entirely from one fabric (well, the purple for the mini inner border and binding is a different fabric). I just fussy cut different color areas for the different quadrants, sew and cut up following Ricky's technique and voila! Looking at it today, I should have called it "Fireworks"! And the photo doesn't really show the colors very well.

Have a good one,


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