Sunday, August 24, 2014

Design Wall Monday (or rather Friday evening)

While cleaning up my sewing room,
I came across a UFO from November 2013:
started during a workshop with Sandy Klopp.
The idea of moving (or losing) 
the pre-cut pieces one more time,
just didn't do it for me today.
So I started sewing...
And after some major curve sewing
- with acceptable success -
Tadaa, all 4 blocks are done!
Now I have to make a decision
if I want to add a piano key border.
It will be just a wall hanging 
to remind me that I DO KNOW 
how to sew curves ;-)

So glad I tackled it
on a somewhat dreary Sunday.

Quick update on Hawk's Nest -
a few more blocks were pieced
whenever I found a few minutes to sew.
Slow going,
but every block counts!
After all there are 
41 pieces in 1 nest block:
On Monday morning
check out all the listings at



  1. Congratulations on getting those unfinished blocks to a more-finished state! Love Hawk's Nest!

  2. Wagon Wheels looks great. You did good to finish it!!

  3. Isn't Sandy Klop WONDERFUL! One of the nicest and most creatively fun people I've ever met.


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