Sunday, June 15, 2014

Design Wall Monday

I had to take a forced break,
due to having over scheduled myself...

Did some mindless sewing on Sunday,
following the pattern 'Flower Bed'
out of the book "Scraps Plus One"
by Joan Ford.
I see a future charity quilt here;
just a lot smaller to fit
for a wheelchair (size 36 x 48).
It felt good to pull scraps out of
my over flowing scrap bin
and cut them with 
a 3 1/2 inch square die (Accuquilt).
Nope, I didn't see a dent in my bin,
but maybe one day it'll show...
These 4 blocks are 18 1/2 inch square (!)
and I need to make a decision
how to finish it off:
I may just continue with scrappy squares 
and white strips,
because adding 2 more blocks 
will be too big.

Please go there and check out
all the other beautiful creations!



  1. Looking good! I think a border of squares and white next the white and squares would be perfect! Just enough to finish it off. Good project for chilling out...see you soon.

  2. Hi! How about a pieced border, with a medium darkish fabric against the white and a medium lightship fabric against the dark squares? This would keep your theme of dark vs white....
    I would suggest not a pieced border, as the wear would cause the edges to fail!
    Here is a gig for your giving heart!
    Take care, Leslie

  3. These are GREAT blocks! The white really sets the other fabrics off. Nicely done!

  4. What a fun collection of scraps. Sometimes it does feel good to just use them up.

  5. Mindless sewing is wonderful! Your blocks look great. The white really does make the other fabrics pop.


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