Sunday, May 11, 2014

Design Wall Monday

Wow, what a busy week it has been!
Lecture with Bonnie Hunter at the GLHQ guild -
(sadly no pictures since I was a quilt holder).
And Saturday her workshop "Hawks Nest"
with a ton of HST's:
3 blocks done in class,
and added 4 more today!
Just counting the actual Hawk's Nest blocks,
not the hour glass blocks.
Love the quilt -
you can find the pattern in Bonnie's book
This is Bonnie's original!

What a great time we had - 
find more pictures

I also got the center part
of the Hexagon top sewn:
So, how was your sewing week?

Linking up to 
16 HST per Hawk's Nest block should qualify
Total 504 HST's (!!!) for the blocks +
438 HST's for the extreme border...
That's a LOT of HST's;
I am opting for a smaller size quilt
and will see about the border later :-)

Have a great week,


  1. Just catching up on blog posts - gosh I love your Hawks Nest, are your blocks the same size as Bonnie's?

  2. Love the start of Hawk's Nest! I have a Bonnie class next month that I am so excited for! Love the hexies!

  3. You are making great progress on Hawks Nest! Love it especially the intracacies (sp?) of the block! Your blocks look so perfect!! Wondering how you'll finish the hexies...looking good. Enjoy the week and the special weekend coming up. btw, we are home.

  4. Your quilt is going to be beautiful!


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