Sunday, February 23, 2014

Design Wall Monday

So glad that on Saturday 
we had a sew-day 
organized by the GLHQ.
As always I had a great time 
and got tons of sewing done:
The Hashtag quilt top is my February UFO
and I am all done - with time to spare
(pattern from Camille's Craftsy class)
Had some good times 
matching the outer border print,
but it worked!

Next project:
sew the blocks of "Fit for a Hero" -
free pattern by Judy at Patchwork Times.
As you can see
I am still missing the 4 corner blocks,
(and borders)
but am glad to have the blocks assembled
into the quilt's 'middle' section.
At least now I can't loose 
or misplace them any longer...

And in preparation for 
in May 2014,
I have started to sew HST's.
For ease and speed
I am using triangle paper
and it is perfect mindless sewing
after a day at work.
It may not look like much,
but these are 192 HST's (of 504 needed...),
size is 2 inch unfinished.
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  1. The border on Hashtag is just perfect!! Fit for a Hero is looking good and will make some veteran very happy. Good job!! Keep on sewing those hst - good method to get them done quickly!!

  2. Love your hashtag quilt and Fit for a Hero. I want to make that one too.

  3. The hashtag quilt is colorful and fun! Glad you are finishing up projects and working ahead.

  4. The hashtag quilt is great and so is Fit For a Hero. Great work on the headstart of HSTs!!

  5. The hashtag quilt is wonderful! Glad you finished that one up, way too pretty to be a UFO. Over 500 of those itty bitty HSTs needed, good job getting a nice chunk of those out of the way.


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