Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December Finishes Party

Just a few hours before the linky shuts down,
I managed to eek in my December finish
My goal was to add the 5 missing blocks 
to my Fractured quilt
and sew the top together.
And tadaaaa: 
I JUST completed the Fractured top!

I love it!
And what a great feeling here 
during the last hours of 2013!

Hopefully I will have the same
determination throughout 2014
and finish some more of my UFO's.
And quilt some, too...

A big thank you to Melissa and Shanna
Without your motivation
my UFO list would be even longer.

Are YOU ready to join

Happy New Year,


  1. Congratulations for finishing by your deadline and for such a lovely colourful Fractured!


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