Sunday, November 17, 2013

Design Wall Monday

Guess what: 
I completed all the units for Orca Bay!
Wohoo, big accomplishment for me;
now I have to sew them into blocks 
and then add them to the partial quilt top.
It sure feels good 
to have finished this part
and be one step closer to a finished top!
Let's hope I can make it by November...

And then last week was a Sandy Klop week for me
with her lecture on Thursday and 
the Wagon Wheel workshop on Saturday
through the GLHQ guild.
I had a great time
and managed to sew 2 (and 1/2) blocks.
Not bad for somebody with a curve phobia...
As you can see the blue - green block
still needs to be completed.
And I should have pressed them again, oh well...

It will probably become
 a 4 blocks wall hanging,
but I am proud of having tried 
and succeeded
with curves!

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