Saturday, November 23, 2013

Bonnie challenge - update

A quick Saturday evening post
with my latest Orca Bay Status:
I have to finish the last row on the right,
add it to small middle section,
and then sew it to the big quilt top section on the left!
Wohoo, I am on the home stretch!

Thank you Jo
for initiating the Bonnie challenge,
or this top would not have come to exist!

And you all know what that means:
Count me in for
starting on November 29th!
Off to the gym,


  1. I have loved every Orca Bay I have seen, but so glad I didn't even get started on that one. Good luck finishing before the 29th. I'm with you; without the challenge my Cathedral Stars would still be in the box.

  2. How good are you??!! Congrats on finishing that big quilt with all its little bitty pieces!!! What colors are you using for Celtic Solstice? I'll raid my stash for you!! Have a good Sunday!

  3. Gorgeous! It looks like a very complicated quilt and I love the fabrics in it. Makes me wish I could touch it.


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