Monday, October 21, 2013

Design Wall Monday

I am still working on 
3 projects simultaneously.
While it may not look 
it changed much since last week,
Tumbler rows have become a top:
and it will continue to grow as leader - ender;

Zig zags have become blocks
(well most of them...)
hopefully the border fabric will pull it all together;

And 3 blocks were added to Fractured:
I really like how it is coming together,
even though slooow.

Go and be inspired by checking out 
Enjoy your week,


  1. Congratulations on being #1 in this week's DWM! Your WIPs are varied, and interesting.

  2. Love your current projects! Especially the orange and blue fractured quilt. I love this color combination!

  3. I love Fractured! Wonderful color combos and I cant wait to see it come together so more. :) ~Melanie

  4. Good to see progress! Looking good.

  5. Lots of piecing going on at your house. And lots of great color.

  6. Wow, looking good Barb! I like the idea of working on 3 things at once - you won't be bored - just confused!! I know I would be but that's the fun of it. First again this week!!

  7. All of your projects look great! You are really making progress.


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