Saturday, August 17, 2013

Star Surround Quilt Along - Center Star

After 1 week of vacation 
and 1 week of work travel,
I am catching up to the
My flying geese are done,
(but not photographed)
and here is the latest installment:

Star Center
I like it!
Glad I chose just the 1 block 40 inch square version
and am glad to be caught up.
Here is  Melissa's linky party -
go and have a look at all the other
Star Surround pictures!
Happy sewing,
it's good to be back at home,


  1. Your star center is just stunning!! So pretty and wait to go on those perfect points!!

  2. And look how nicely the fabric matches up at the seams! Bravo!!

  3. I like your star centre and the fabric is great.


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