Monday, July 15, 2013

Star Surround Quilt-A-long

You know how you sometimes end up on blogs 
and don't know how you got there?
But then you see something
and sign up for it
just because
there is no way of ignoring it:

Melissa's size option are
The main reason 
I am considering (ha, who am I fooling?) joining: 
a  perfect donation quilt size - 
a 1 block quilt
should be doable.

Bonus: a 40 x 40 size
uses just 1 piece for the backing.
Love it!

My fabric selection:
* top 2 fabrics for the star,
* flower for the surround
* and white background.
I am usually slow and indecisive
in my fabric selection,
but this should work.

Thanks, Melissa
for helping me get back 
my sewing and blogging mojo,

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