Sunday, May 5, 2013

Design Wall Monday

I have been working on some 
signature blocks,
free pattern # 16 from the 
Moda Friendship Quilt Along:
Well, I will need many more blocks
by the end of May,
but I am on it...

Had some rough times with sewing,
fabric getting stuck and needle not moving,
but thanks to Judy's advice
to use Microtex needles
the sewing is much better.
Look what she made for me 
for my birthday:
Isn't it beautiful!
Wool applique - 
something I have never tried...

Linking up to Judy's DWM
check out all the other busy quilters
and theirs creations!


  1. Your blocks look amazing and the birthday appliqué is lovely. What a great friend you have.

  2. Great tip about the needles. They really work. Your signature blocks are wonderful. Combining different blocks to make one larger one is clever!!

  3. I'm so glad those needles worked for you. I use them for everything. The signature blocks look great - only about 60+ more to go!! LOL
    Did you notice how uneven your block is? - sorry. Just put it in the window so that the breeze flaps it a bit and no one will notice!! haha
    Looking for inspiration to get back to work...your accomplishments are giving me a kick!!

  4. Oh my, I don't mean that your blocks are crooked, I mean the block that I made you is crooked. I am so embarassed.


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