Monday, March 18, 2013

Design Wall Monday

Wow, over 1 1/2 month with no blog posts.

But I do have several excuses:
First I went on a winter trip to
beautiful time in Yellowstone National Park - 
and didn't want to come back home.
Then I had 2 week business trip to El Paso/ Juarez - 
and couldn't wait to get home...
But I managed to visit the Carlsbad Caverns 
during my time down South,
and they are amazing!

On the quilting front
I have to get my act together
and need to make a decision concerning
the status of my "Easy Street" quilt top:

do I keep it as a 3 x 3 block lay out
and have lots of bits and pieces leftover?

Or do I continue for a 3 x 4 lay out:

Decisions, decisions - 
I don't like to leave all these leftover pieces,
but I know I don't have enough material cut
to add the missing 4 blocks...
and might not have the perseverance
to get the bigger one done.
And I certainly don't need another UFO...
We'll see.
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Enjoy your week,


  1. Oh my goodness...a post from Barb!!! Glad to see you back in the sewing circle. I vote for making the quilt larger. You're almost there so go for it. It will cover you up better :-)

  2. Welcome back. :)
    I say 3x3 and get it done. I agree with Colleen.

  3. I visited Carlsbad Caverns in 1978 when I was in 4th grade. I remember how amazing they were! I say keep Easy Street at 3 X 3 and put your extra pieces on the back. I'm still working on my Easy Street, and I know it's a huge undertaking. You can always make the borders bigger if you don't think the 3 X 3 size will be large enough. LOL

  4. I made mine 3x3 for the same reason you are considering but must figure out now what to do with my extra pieces- can't just toss them - maybe we should have a "leftovers" challenge!


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