Saturday, February 2, 2013

Log Cabins

The folks from Fons & Porter 
have created an e-book about 
Log Cabin Quilts.
One of my very first quilts
was a Log Cabin Quilt -
so it's certainly time for me to revisit.
It's 24 pages full of instructions and inspiration!

Apart from several patterns
you will find lots of different lay outs,
color choices
and cutting charts for different block sizes -
meaning the math has been done for you!

Beautiful pictures can be found - 
I especially love the Ricky Tims Quilt,
a combination of
Bear Paws and Log cabin block:

Additional tricks and tips
on quilting and binding
round up the e-book.
Best of all:
it's a free download!

So go check it out,
and I really need to print it -
I guess I am old fashioned that way
and need a copy in my hands to appreciate
it so much more than on my screen.



  1. thankyou my friend!! checking out the download now! :-)

  2. Trust Barb to find us such good things!! Thanks Barb - will this be your Feb. goal??


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