Sunday, September 23, 2012

The 100 day hustle

I may be a day late, 
but I am hopping on the band wagon nevertheless!

Kelsey Sews is hosting it:  - 
so September 22nd meant that
there were just 100 days remaining in 2012.
Just 100 left, 
I mean 99 today - where did 2012 go?

"Let's hustle through our to-do lists and 
start the new year with a clean slate!"
Well, I am in and here is my list:

* Finish a certain b'day project out of Tula's Book
(image to come once it is gifted)

* Complete AMH's Feather Bed Quilt (top only)

* Participate in Sew Sweetness Sew-along
project to be decided...

* Quilt 2 more charity quilts
and one more from the Quilt Guild Charity Table

* Finish 2 more UFO's - yes, I fell off and have too many left
Flying Geese - sew into a top

Binding for Cathedral Stars

* Quilt Lenora's quilt

* How about 8 more Farmer's Wife blocks (2 per month)
currently 18 blocks done

* Add some more Swoon blocks, also neglected

Well, I will try and see what I still can pull off in 2012.
Are you in?

Linking up to Kelsey's blog.

I better get sewing,


  1. Do you plan on any sleeping or eating in the next 100 days? Wow - you have quite the list but they all seem like fun/interesting projects so it will be better than 150 flying geese or 384 half-square triangles!!! Best of luck. Who's Lenora?

  2. Lovely WIPs you have! I love those feathers... Have some on my list too, but haven't started yet. Good luck with you hustling;)

  3. LOL'd with Judy's comment!! But we know how much you can do when your mind's made up---so you GO girl...I'm going to go rest just thinkin' of it all!! JK ;-) And who IS Lenora?? :)

  4. Your swoon color way is lovely. Good luck with your list!

  5. I'm in and looking forward to getting things done! You've got a great list.

  6. You have some beautiful WIPs there. Good luck getting it all done! I'm hoping the hustle will keep me accountable too.

  7. Beautiful projects!! Quite a few are on my to make someday list :) Love the feathers! Thanks for joining in

  8. Such beautiful projects! Good luck!

  9. Love your feathers and houndstooth. both of those projects are in my to do book. Might have to be for next year though. Good luck with your list.


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