Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Birthday present

And finally here is the completed b'day present,
fresh from the sewing machine & ironing board,
made from a pattern in Tula Pink's book!
An eye mask for a friend with occasional sleep issues...

Yes, it's for somebody 
with blue eyes 
(something I had to confirm before I picked the eye thread...)
and with furry friends ribbon!
After a futile attempt at hand stitching,
I opted for machine stitches
and I think it works.

My friend gifted me Tula's book,
so I hope she likes my
"One Eye Open Sleeping mask!

The book "Quilts from the house of Tula Pink"

has become a weekly read for me.
Looking at the pictures of her beautiful quilts
inspires my imagination.
Neptune was the 1st fabric collection
I loved at first sight,
so there has been a longer connection...

I am entering the mask
 in the Tula Pink sew-along
and also linking up to

Craft Book Projects!



  1. Love it - blue eyes and all - she will love it. The furry friends ribbon is just perfect for her!!

  2. Hi Barb - thanks for visiting my blog - I popped by to check out your goodies, lol! We visited your lovely state a few months ago - I have a friend in Southfield, and we also hit that fabulous Joanns in Novi :D

    Your eye mask is a HOOT! I don't have that book, but if that's the kind of project that's in it - I bet it's a great one, lol!


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