Sunday, June 24, 2012

Design Wall Monday

I have been trying to make up my mind
how to quilt my Patchwork Prism,
(free pattern from Anna Maria Horner)
After several failed attempts
to quilt it on my shortarm frame,
I had to start over, baste on the floor and
go for walking foot quilting through my 6 inch (!) harp.
Lots of pushing & pulling and muttered words...
This is where it stands today:
More quilting to come and I really hope
I will make the quilt-along deadline of 6/28.

But if not, I just love how this quilt is turning out!
And I know I never would have come this far
WITHOUT a deadline.
So it's all good!

Please check other design walls

I am doing an early DWM post on Sunday evening-
too much going on tomorrow morning...


  1. Such a pretty quilt. I agree, basting on the floor stinks. I am so lucky my Mom lives close and bought a long arm. No basting neck and fingers are much happier. Your project is very lovely.

  2. It really looks lovely. You picked such great fabrics; they just glow.

  3. This is SUCH a beautiful quilt!

  4. Love your rainbow quilt. I can see you have used some really great prints.

  5. Yowzer - a 6" harp is chummy. Love your fabric selections!

  6. Its looking great...i was wondering how you are going.
    Hope you made the deadline, but as you said its ok...its something you will treasure for ever..good luck!


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