Monday, January 2, 2012

Design Wall Monday

Hot of the quilting frame:
This is Bonnie's Christmas Light mystery from a magazine -
just a different & smaller lay-out
and I know I am late...
But the baptist fans are finally done
and I can load the next quilt.

The other project I am working on
I just loved the final reveal -
my current status:
I have decided to do a smaller lay-out:
6 x 7 blocks is big enough for me.
Anything bigger and it becomes a UFO
because my frame / throat is too small...
and I may actually finish Orca Bay this year!

Go and check out other design walls
and Orca Bay mystery status

Have a great week,

Tomorrow I'll be back at work.
No more days of endless sewing and
3 blog posts...


  1. Orca Bay would be really neat just as you have it laid out! That's very striking! - jeanne

  2. I love the Orca Bay quilt! It's beautiful!

  3. I put my Orca Bay on my design wall but didn't have enough room for all the pieces. Frankly, I like it as a 'throw size' and might just finish it that way. I'll put the extra pieces on the back or something--LOL

    Happy quilting!

  4. Your are doing a great job!! What is your accent color?? Mine is hot pink! See ya! Hugs :):)

  5. I love your Christmas quilt!!!!!! I really like the quilting motif. You always surprise me with quilts I didn't know about or see before. Will you be putting the red and blue strings into the Orca quilt?

  6. I forgot to comment about the center of the Christmas quilt - it looks like a Chinese character - does it have a wonderful meaning? I really like it. Maybe I'm just seeing it wrong but I like the way it all goes together.


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