Monday, December 19, 2011

Orca Bay status

Ok, here are the stats for the Orca Bay mystery quilt:
Step 1 - done!
Step 2 - done!

Step 3 - well 150 units done, means 200 still have to be made; the last minute surprise trip to Germany threw me off schedule - and was well worth it!
Step 4 - 28 red squares are done - 64 are needed

Step 5 - pending on step 3...

I may not be on time with all steps, but progress has been made and I sure do enjoy this mystery!

Please click over to Bonnie's link up to see the other mystery sewers and their progress!


  1. Your colors look great Barb. It looks like a fun mystery quilt but I was feeling a bit overwhelmed this month. Maybe I'll go back and try it later. I guess I better print out the steps!

  2. You'll get there, Barb, don't worry. I'm going to be late on steps 6 and 7, but I'll make it to the end !

  3. Your arrangement of the red string blocks is very eye-catching! I'm still at a loss to figure out how these units will fit I can understand, but how does the blue work with it?

  4. Looking good Barb, I bet you'll be all caught up by Friday!!


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