Tuesday, November 29, 2011


After all the tiny 3.5 inch string blocks
for Bonnie's Orca Bay mystery I needed something bigger
that would make a difference in my stash report.
So I came across this Sew Mama Sew tutorial
by Malka Dubrawski and had to try her Supersized Shoo-Fly quilt:
Just so you can see the size:
 9 (!) string blocks of 3.5 inch square each
will fit into one supersized square!
Unsewn Supersized Shoo-Fly quilt is 70 x 70 inches
and sits half on my rug and half on my woodfloor...

Taking a break and will sew the blocks together later today.
Stash usage: 6 yards! Wohooo!
Hope you like it,


  1. Dear Madam of Leisure - what a difference!! Love your fabrics!! Have fun today!

  2. You ARE the bomb! :-) great quilt Barbara!


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