Monday, November 28, 2011

Design Wall Monday

It is so nice to enjoy another day off from work and it means:
I have a design wall Monday

Step 1 - 224 QST units done ( but for squaring up):

 Step 2: 30 blue strip block units done (needed: 72)

I really love sewing these units
and all strips came out of the scrap bag -
You even can see a little dent in it!

We still have until Friday to finish up step 2 -
so I should be ok.
I am linking up to Bonnie's Mystery Monday 2



  1. The blocks all look great. Good job getting everything done! ~Jeanne

  2. How fun to lay them all out this way! Congrats on keeping up. A day off to sew is the best!

  3. Your little strips are truly beautiful, lovely work !

  4. Go Barb Go!! Keep on sewing! Looking good!!!

  5. How pretty to see all those blocks lined up like that :)

  6. Hi Barb, I came across your blog while checking out the Patchwork Times Design Wall Monday. I am also a big fan of Bumble Beans and am a member of 15 minutes play. We seem to have a lot in common. I also live in the Metro Detroit area. Love what you are working on and I am going to become a follower. Hugs

  7. What a great start, the blues are very pretty--the colors are your background under your blog! Is that on purpose? Will your other color be orange?

  8. Congrats on all those QST blocks. I was wondering why there were so many string blocks in the link up pictures. I haven't checked out the next step on the mystery quilt.


  9. Wow - you got a lot done. Love your blues!

  10. Your blocks look great. Squaring up blocks is not my favourite thing to do!

  11. The blocks look great, it's fun seeing them all spread out.


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