Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Project Review

My poor neglected blog - 
it's been a long while since I last posted,
but life kind of got in the way.
So here is a summary of my current projects:
 Cowboy Wave is quilted and
 just needs a binding to be ready for donation!
 My jelly Roll top was in hiding for quite some time,
but I finally came across the perfect border fabric!
I added a small dk blue border and then a wider diagonal dotted one -
it seems to capture almost all of the colors in the top and I love it!
It is a future donation top, once it gets quilted & bound.

Here is a pair of socks - almost finished.
I just need to find the kitchener stitch instruction 
to close the toes.
(Patons Kroy Sock yarn " Mulberry Stripes")
I really like the Modern Quilts out of the book
and had to try one.
My color choice is not as perfect,
but I like my Modern Cross quilt.
It still needs to get a beige outer border
before it is ready for quilting.

And yet another sock
 started during my recent Mexico travels.
Colorful, but I love funky socks!
(Patons Kroy yarn "Sailor Stripes)

That's most of the stuff I have done lately,
as far as I remember...

And if all else fails -
 at least I have broken my blogging silence!


  1. YEA!! Great work Barbara!! Love it all--and i have that border fabric too! It's a good one!!

  2. Yea!! You're back!! I've missed you so much!!!! Love all your projects and glad no one kidnapped you in Mexico - you're home and you're safe, whew!
    Keep up the blogging - remember you are my inspiration along with Mrs. MB. Hugs.


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