Monday, September 26, 2011

Blue Nickel Blocks

I am still having wrist issues,
so just a quick post of my 9 blocks for Scott at Blue Nickel Studios
Well, it's a very loose interpretation,
but I had so many red-blue 9 patches that I wanted to
I am sure he'll find a good spot in his BASICs quilts!


  1. Oh Barb!! the colors are fabulous--he will be so glad to have this quilt!

  2. This block is the BOMB!! It is soo cool...I love it and when V sees it, she will swoon. It is a keeper - make another one for yourself (or me). Take care of your wrist.

  3. Barb, did you make each section of the 9 patch or is that the way the fabric came? I'm trying to see how you did that??


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