Friday, July 1, 2011

Farmer's Wife QAL

It's been in the making for a while -
and today I finally found time
to start my first blocks for the Farmer's Wife Quilt Along.
My test blocks were just too far off the measurements,
so I decided I would do all blocks
with foundation paper piecing.
Have a look!

I am still very confused by paper piecing - meaning most of my paper will fall off due to excessive sewing & unsewing, but it's a start!
Can't say yet if I will make all 111 blocks or less. Will see how good (and fast) I become at paper piecing...

Well, the group is doing 2 blocks per week and they are calling it week 5. Meaning I am 8 blocks short, but I have a week of vacation coming up and should be able to catch up.

I am linking up to Lily's blog - so please have a look at all the fantastic blocks out there!
Another source is the flickr group for lots of eye candy.
In case you wondered: the paper foundation PDF files are available from the Farmer's Wife Yahoo group. When I started having issues, I figured I better join and get some help.

Happy sewing,

I can't believe this is the 2nd blog post today - you see that's what vacation time can do to you!


  1. What a nice start to your FW quilt! I really like your "Attic Windows" block :)

  2. Your first blocks are lovely! I look forward to seeing more.

  3. I hope you get the hang of the paper piecing thing as it comes in very handy for certain blocks. When it comes to ripping, you can use your rotary cutter blade to slice the stitches rather than picking them out. Try it - it works very well. Hold the cutter like you would hold a knife or fork with one hand and pull the top layer of the seam with the other hand. Then slice the stitches. If the paper starts to tear, scotch tape the paper and sew right over the tape. Hope this helps. Happy Vacation!!


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