Monday, June 20, 2011

Design Wall Monday

It doesn't look like much,
but last week I sewed several rows together
of my scrappy Town Square quilt,
pattern by Kim Brackett.
The sashing rows are not yet sewn
and I am still considering a different cornerstone color,
just couldn't find a good one yet in my stash.
So I used the original red/ blue ones.
Goal for this week is
to finish the top!
And just because I can,
here is the status of the latest pair of socks:

Real poor picture/ lighting, sorry!
But I am very close to have them finished.

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listed on Judy's blog.


  1. Your Town Square is a fun!-looking quilt!! love those socks too!

  2. Now that I see more of the quilt, I like the red and dark blue cornerstones. Maybe you don't need to search for gold ones. Your socks are a yummy color!

  3. Kim Brackett has great designs--I just bought her second book that has that pattern in it. Love your colorful version. I think the cornerstones look good just as they are :)

  4. That looks so much fun! I have to go check her out!

  5. I like your quilt you have put a lot of work in it. Trish

  6. I keep seeing quilts from this book and keep thinking I should purchase it!

  7. Thats a cool quilt - I like all the secondary designs


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