Sunday, March 20, 2011

Stash Report 12 / 2011

It is slow going in my stash busting department, but at least I started my strips for the strip exchange, cut & sewed another binding and can count 1 yard out. 4 yards of Beige Batik came in for a HST project.

Stash Report Week 12 / 2011:

Used this Week: 1 yards
Used year to Date: 44.80 yards
Added this Week: 4 yrds
Added Year to Date: 8.75 yrds
Net Used for 2011: 36.05 yards

I also had to update my math - somehow I was off in my net used column...

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And finally picking up again on my fitness report:
The weather has been nice this week and I started walking again - it feels soo good to spend time outside and feel the sunshine again!
All in all I walked 6 times this week, mostly 30 min type short walks, but 2 longer 1 hr ones. Not too bad - I am ready for more!


  1. Love the strips!! Your fitness report is awesome! Good for you!!

  2. I love a strip exchange! Always exciting to enhance the strip drawer. :)
    Good job with the fitness!

  3. I love your strip exchange blocks. Are they on backing? Good for you in getting back into exercising. I need to do that. I was wiped out after just a little yard work yesterday.

  4. Likin' those strips, barb!! :-) good walkin' too!

  5. Good job on your walking. I agree - it does feel good to be outside now that the weather is starting to warm up.


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