Monday, January 24, 2011

Design Wall Monday

It is 9pm on Sunday - and I just pulled UFO # 6 Cathedral Stars of my frame: DONE!!!!
What a nightmare it ended up being.
20 inches left of  the final quilting row - and my sewing machine stopped dead.
In the middle of sewing it just froze - and so did I.
Followed by some nasty words, threats, you name it...
I tried and tried, but nothing would get her started.
The hand wheel did not move whatsoever. 
Finally I pulled her of the platform for some more poking & proding. Nothing.
So off to the neighbors to drop off the felt wreath - and I got invited for dinner :-)
Well, what a great way of  ending Sunday on a high note!
Came back and couldn't help myself, but needed to check on Juki - again. 
Poked in every hole and oiled the heck out of her.
And, and, and ...she moved! WAHOOO!!!
Some more oil and TLC and she dripped oil and moved slowly at first;
but then she sounded like her old self.
Some test sewing, back on the frame - and

That pretty much was my sewing or rather quilting this week.
It's been a learning curve of 30 hrs plus.

Apart from this I did finish the rows of The Tempest -
and really hope to have the top sewn by next DWM.

That's it for today, have to go look at Cathedral Stars again ;-)
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  1. Hooray, hooray, hooray! I'm so happy for you! Way to stick to it and get that UFO moved off the list! It turned out great!

  2. I am SO happy for you!! I had some quilting nightmares with #6...and problems with my quilting machine over the weekend too. My problems had to do with shredding thread. UGH! Glad to see the finished quilt! Isn't it SUCH a relied when it works again!

  3. Wow...what a relief you got your machine moving again. Beautiful completion of your UFO.

  4. It is BEAUTIFUL!! and it really looks like popcorn!! I'm so happy for you and that quilt will surely brighten your days for years to come. You better tie it to your bed cause someone might sneak in and borrow it!!

  5. The quilt is beautiful. There is nothing more frustrating than machine issues :(

  6. Lovely! That is a large quilt to work on--how nasty to have such problems so close to the end of it! Glad it all worked out (and someone else made dinner, great bonus!)

  7. It's gorgeous! I pulled out my blocks for this pattern to work on, and it is not nearly as beautiful as yours!

  8. The black really makes the colors pop. Whatever challenges you had with this quilt were worth it.

  9. Fantastic looking quilt. Love the bright colors and it looks wonderful draped over your bed. Sorry you had trouble with your sewing machine, but the final results are smashing. Dar in MO

  10. LOVE the quilt. Did you use Bonnie's color scheme or design your own?

  11. Wow... that is an awesome quilt! I love it!! Way to be persistant! lol :o)


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