Sunday, September 12, 2010

Stash Report

So glad to be back in town and it sure feels like fall here in SE Michigan! And after a being a few hours at home I even managed to participate in a Crochet class at JAF yesterday. I like it and hopefully I will be able to crochet on my my next flights - without knitting needles being a security threat...

It's week stash report 36 already and it remains to be seen if I can hit my used yardage goal for this year.
All my sewing last week was done on Sunday: Baby Circles Quilt and Fishing Strippie used about 3 yards - and nothing came in.

Stash Report Week 36 / 2010:
Used this week: 3 yrds
Used year to date: 163.9 yrds
Added this week: 0
Added year to date: 124.4 yrds
Net used in 2010: 39.5 yrds

And for fitness I squeezed in 3 walks for a total of 2 1/2 hrs and yesterday I started my fall/ winter routine and went back to the fitness Center. With the evenings getting shorter, my walks will slowly disappear and only on weekends I hope to get some outdoor activity in.
Happy Sunday & I better get sewing,


  1. Sounds like a good week all the way around. I hear you regarding the time available in the evenings to walk...gota have light! I don't like going to fitness centers....boring for me. I worked out a schedule to come in a little later in the morning to "the job that pays the bills" and work later. This way I'm able to get my walk in. For me it's hard to get up early, but the results are worth it.

  2. Three yards out is terrific. Plus you are in the black, unlike another quilter who shall remain nameless....uh oh, I guess I will be named. Anyway good job. Your fitness is great too. Enjoy those evening walks as long as you can. Winter will be here too soon.


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