Sunday, May 2, 2010

Stash Report

When I started participating in the stash report at the beginning of the year, I didn't really know what I was in for. I just liked the idea and accountability - and seeing other quilters' accomplishments as well,  never mind the group support... Today it's stash report week 18 and I am still at it. Though looking at my numbers I am ready to create a new category called "fabric won". This is putting a dent into my report this week: I added up all 4 giveaways that I recently won and it ends up being a whooping 10.5 yards fabric in. Even though I thought it was a successful week where sewing is concerned, it doesn't really show in the numbers. Oh well, but hey, the free fabric is just beautiful! And I am not entering fabric giveaways any more...
My goal for April was to finish the 'Simply A Bloom' quilt top, and after about 10 miles of ripping  and sewing and ripping, I am almost there. A day late - and borders short. Not too bad though and during all this sewing I pieced 3 'Quilts for Kids' tops as leader-ender project ( also no borders yet). That's 4 yards used this week and it gives you an idea of my Bloom ordeal :)
Stash Report Week 18 / 2010:
Fabric used this week: 4 yards
Fabric used year-to-date: 90.75 yards
Fabric added this week: 10.5 yards
Fabric added year-to date: 73.75 yards
Net used in 2010: 17 yards
Please go to Judy's Patchwork Times and have a look at other quilters' stash busting!

Fitness-wise it was another pretty decent week. I have now started to do some skating and then dash to the fitness center for an additional workout/ stretch and finally shower = heaven. Trust me when I say I am crawling home after all this ... but I strongly believe using all these different muscle groups makes it easier on my body overall. (Nice side effect: my towel laundry mountain stays in check when using towels at the club).
Yes, there is 'method to my fitness madness' with a longer term fitness goal, but it all depends how I am holding up and increasing my fitness level. We'll see how it goes. Unfortunately so far the weathergods have not been very supportive and lately it always seems to rain on the weekends. And that cuts into any longer outdoor sessions.
Fitness Report week 18 / 2010:
LifeTime visits: 2
Walks: 3
Skate: 6 miles
Total Cardio: 5 hrs

I better get going,


  1. Congrats Barb! You have had a very successful week - any fabric used and any amount of time spent exercising is a big PLUS!! Pat yourself on the back - you are doing great!

  2. I think you are doing great! Congrats on all the wins....did you buy a lottery ticket??? I love reading your fitness report too. Thanks for including it. Very encouraging!
    I joined the stash report just to see how much I use in a year...I had no idea!

  3. I don't count "fabric won" as that's just good karma! And no money out of my pocket.

  4. You have been a very lucky girl lately. I have entered give aways and was very glad when I didn't win because I would not have to count the fabric. Your numbers are great, both fabric wise and exercise wise. Keep up the great work.


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