Monday, May 17, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Not a particular exciting view on my design floor, but here it goes. I did pull out some lonely blocks and sized them to 10.5 inch squares for V:

Next up is my pathetic attempt at block # 6 of the jelly roll sampler quilt along. I don't know why, but I cut the fabric strips wrong - can you believe it: twice. So in the end I am not particularly happy with my fabric choices - and they still had to have a little 'side surgery' to make them fit. Go figure - I guess some days are just different than others...

And as always (?) last but not least: I started Purple Rain sock # 2 - to see if I would get pooling or not:

As you can see: it pools, too! Just the direction of the diagonal stripe is different... Don't ask me why. I always start from the inside of a yarn bundle.

Nothing else from MI. Please go and check other design walls on Judy's blog!



  1. Your socks are very interesting. I wonder why it is pooling like that. You aren't the only one who had problems with that Jelly Roll block, I have read on other blogs about problems. I haven't made mine yet.

  2. I love the fabrics in your 10.5 inch blocks.

  3. Like your design floor. The blocks are great. I like the bright colored ones. I admire your knitting ability. I haven't gone there and don't know that I ever will. The socks look very interesting.


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