Saturday, April 10, 2010

Stash Report

This is week # 15 for stash reports - and I am still on board. If you are also participating, give yourself a pat on the back!
This week I used 2.5 yrds for the sashing of "Simply a Bloom" quilt. Then I cut some 10 1/2 inch back squares for Bumble Beans House Block Gather to add to the house block package (= 1 yrd). And finally as you can see in my last post, I finished block # 3 of the jelly roll sample quilt along. Last but not least, the Hexagon quilt along started and I got going with a few strips as well (= 0.5 yrd).
The good news is: no fabric was added this week!

Stash Report week 15 / 2010:
Fabric used this week: 4 yards
Fabric used year to date: 81.5 yards
Fabric added this week: 0 yards
Fabric added year to date: 37.75 yards
Net used for 2010: 43. 75 yards

Please got to Judy's blog and see how other stash reports look.
In case you didn't bust as much fabric as you wanted, why don't you cut some 10 1/2 inch squares and send them to Bumble Beans as backing squares for her Basics home gather? It's a win-win: it helps your stash and it helps her to help families in NYC. Just a thought.

And as always here is my fitness report:
Fitness Report week 15 / 2010
Visits at LifeTime: 0
Walks: 2
Inline Skate: 1 x 6 mls
Total Cardio: 3 hrs

Not as successful as I wanted it to be, but I guess keeping it at 3 to 4 activities per week is pretty much my limit. Trying to get more skate miles in next week, yet it is easier for me to go for a walk than get my act together and drive to Stony Creek Park for one round of skating ( 6 mls). Last time the wind was so strong that I had to fight to get downhills, never mind how I got uphills. It wasn't pretty and I changed plans to just do 6 mls instead of 12 mls and call it a day.
I try again today!
Have a nice Sunday,



  1. Sticking to stashbusting and fitness are awesome commitments.
    I love backings made from 10" blocks. It's like have a reversible quilt.
    I didn't know about the Bumble Beans Basics, now I need read further and do my part.

  2. over 43 yards of fabric gone.... awesome!

  3. Good job on the exercise and the fabric busted this week!

  4. Love the Jelly roll sampler blocks. You have been very busy and exericsing too. Great feeling, isn't it? I have been getting to the gym about 3 times a week and it helps me feel so much better.

  5. ohh - it is rollerblading season again isn't it! I'll need to dust mine off after several years in the closet but I would love get back on them. Blogging certainly does help you stick to a routine doesn't it?!

  6. thank you for your support! The quilts are looking so good because of you and everyone else who has helped!


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