Monday, April 5, 2010

Design Wall Monday

This week my design wall is as scattered as ever. Maybe that shows my state of mind: a few days of vacation without a plan - and lovin' it!

Ok, first up the almost 40 house blocks for V at Bumble Beans - some are still on the assembly line waiting for their turn of applique or borders.

Then on to the folded stars as shown in Jennifer's Moda Bake Shop "Piece Of Cake Folded Star quilt". I just had to make a few and thinking of a lay-out for a bag.

And last but not least: I cut the sashing for the 'Simply a Bloom' quilt and lay it out on the floor. There are still a few blocks to sew and applique to do, but I wanted to see how it looks. I guess I would call it a fresh & clean look - even though I am questioning the white (should I have used something beigy/ creamy colored?).

Then I just have to show you a quick sock dilemma: one of my socks is "blushed" while the other is not. They must have run out of red dye while running my batch, because I had bought the same dye lot. Yet one sock has an entirely 'blushed" (green w/ red dots), but has a green toe. The 2nd sock shows no red whatsoever. Go figure.
Well, if anybody comments on this and looks that close at my toes or socks, he/ she should back off to begin with...
That's it from my end. Please go and have a look at other design walls at Judy's place!


  1. love simply bloomin' top and I really had to look at the socks to see the "blush" thing, I think they're great.

  2. Nope, you were right. I like the white in the Simply a bloom quilt. It gently frames the gentle colours.

  3. The bloom quilt is awesome! You are looks fresh and clean and very pretty!

  4. I actually like my socks to be slightly different. Claim it as a design decision! Also, I like the white in the Bloom quilt!

  5. That design from moda just came out. You definitely are no proscranator :o) I look forward to seeing your finished project; the colors are very pretty.

  6. I like your quilt and think the white is perfect. I am getting ready to cut something similar and am really excited about it.

  7. I absolutely adore your "simply a bloom" quilt! Right choice with the white ... and the socks are fabulous - with or without that red shade! *lol*


  8. I have your stack of those blocks here! I am thinking about how to finish them off. So FUN and SOOO HELPFUL!! thank you so much for your support. the families will thank you too!


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