Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stash Report

Somehow it feels like a slooow moving process for me to get anywhere using my stash. I always use some, but it feels more like a turtle moving aimlessly in circles. Not to mention that my sewing time during the week has decreased lately and the weekend is sewing catch-up time.

I managed to get 33 house blocks done or rather started for the house block gather from Bumble Beans - yeah!

I came across a fabric with Cabana style houses, fuzzy cut them and added 2 borders to reach the required 10 1/2 inch size. All in all I really like them - although they are different and some may call them cheated. Oh well - you can't please everybody (photos in tomorrow's design wall Monday post).

So I bought this 3/4 yrd house fabric. And I also made the 1st block for the Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt along and used for all these blocks about 2.5 yrds of fabric. I finished quilting the baby panel quilt, but it had already been counted in the stash report when I loaded it onto the machine.

It is March, so I really hope to get to my year goal of over 100 yards used in 2010 ( net), but I know I am more physically active during summer and will spend more time outdoors than indoors sewing...

Stash report Week 11/ 2010:
Fabric used this week: 2.5 yards
Fabric used year to date: 70.75 yards
Fabric added this week: 0.75 yards
Fabric added year to date: 29.75 yards
Net used for 2010: 41 yards

Currently it's the 'in between time' for exercising: no xc skiing any longer, but I also haven't managed to get any inline skating in. Hopefully that will start soon. I probably could have squeezed 1 x skating in on one evening, but somehow I couldn't motivate myself. The first skate of the year/ season is always painful for me - and anything else but graceful or aesthetically pleasing. No technical and artistic marks, please...

Fitness Report 11 / 2010:
Visits at LifeTime: 2
Extras: 1 x walk
Total Cardio this week: 2.5 hrs

That's my report from SE Michigan. Please check out other people across the country and beyond and see if they are faring better at stash busting - please go to Judy's blog here!

I am better off and getting my taxes done - fun, fun, fun.



  1. boo hiss on the taxes thing.... more fun going out for a skate. Looking forward to seeing the houses.


  2. Hey Barb, just a "heads up" that Bonnie Hunter will be our speaker at our November meeting - plus 2 workshops. Guild: Oakland County Quilt Guild in Rochester. Nov. 2-4. Our quilt show will be April 9 and 10 in Lake Orion. Hope to meet you there!

    Judy in Michigan

  3. To Judy in Michigan: Don't know if you'll come back here and visit, but I don't have another way of contacting you. Thanks for the Q-Guild info - never ever have been there, but will try in April. As always, will go to the Lake Orion Show - maybe we can somehow arrange to meet! Couldn't find any info yet on the Bonnie Hunter workshops, it may be too early - though I'd love to join and go...

  4. the only exercising here might be wading. Flooding everywhere! Yes flooding here where I live, the great flatlands!


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