Monday, October 26, 2009

Back home again

I am finally catching up on things - including my blog.

While travelling I started a few more socks - after all it is still Socktober - and a sock in progress is so easy to take along. I finished the 1st dragon sock and started # 2, got all left-over toes done and started the Rainbow sock.

And then somehow I came across the Through The Loop (TTL) Mystery Sock 2009 - and started yesterday on that as well. This would be my very first mystery sock and I already had to ask my smart knitting dictionary to translate some of the knitting expressions. So far so good and here you can see the current state of the cuff. It may not look impressive, but all my "other" socks a straight knit socks without any special stitches and patterns that just rely on the effect of colorful yarns.
No more new projects - at least for this month...
And I promise the next post will finally be about something quilty again!

I hope you are having a creative October as well!

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