Thursday, September 17, 2009

When traveling

What does a quilter do when he/ she goes on vacation and does not have room to take a sewing machine?

Well, I know there are all you so established hand quilters out there that take smaller projects on the road and I admire you tremendously. Yet hand stitching is not my favorite thing - just stitching on bindings take me a long, long time. And recently I found out I must have learned it from a left handed person because I hand sew from the right to the left and I believe that is against "mainstream " - not that it matters.

Anyways I ended up taking some yarn with me and this is what evolved:

It's not a real sock yarn, but with US needle size 9 or 5.5 mm it goes real fast and that was important!

Not like the other sock that is still waiting for completion on 2.5mm needles...

They will get done one of these days, too.

While checking into the knitting of sock heels, I came across this genius video which shows how to knit a boomerang heel without these nasty holes that you create on the purl side of the heel. Check it out - even though it is in German, the video shows the "backwards knitting" pretty well:

I will use it for the next pair of socks and will keep you posted how it goes.

And off I go to do my daily (?) exercise program.

Have a great day!


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