Monday, September 14, 2009

What a nice welcome

Wow, thank you so much Kare, Krista and Cherie for taking the time and visiting my blog from Sue's link.
So, here I am, just having ironed the Gypsy Rose layer cake fabrics and second guessing myself if I should start another new project or not. Like so many of you WIP's are just piling up; too many ideas and too little time.
Looking at many of your blogs, the Monday design wall seems like a good idea and I will see if I can get this going for next week.
But maybe my last completed project fits right in here: the Flower Table Runner

This is another first for me: I followed Sweetwater's online instructions and submitted it. After I more or less successful finished the project, I found out there was a tutorial for this project at Moda Bake Shop. Could have done it the easier way, but sometimes you just got to figure it out for yourself and take the scenic route.

And one more photo I took last week during a vacation day at Sleeping Bear Dunes in NW Michigan:

While waiting for the sunset, this one came floating by. The photo was taken from the top of the 450 ft platform and that was all the depth/ zoom I could get.
No, it's not really a boat. It's one of these half boat - half car amphibian thingys. So there are 2 people sitting in this Red convertible car-boat just cruisin' along/. Too funny! Everybody on the platform was a stunned as well.
And yep, this moment is considered one of my "American Moments" - though I was told it most likely is Swiss or German made and at least 30-40 years old.
I found a website that shows a very similar Amphicar like the one we saw at Lake Michigan - as much as you could see it from the distance.
Now if I ever figure out how to zoom in a photo in a blog, I will add this feature.
What can I say: You learn something new every day.


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