Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Pre-mystery UFO challenge

has this pre-mystery UFO challenge going:
to finish a Bonnie Hunter mystery UFO (or other) 
before the next Bonnie mystery starts
during the Thanksgiving Holiday.
What a great idea - 
and I have been plugging along 
on my Grand Illusion top:

I had opted for a smaller version of Grand Illusion
with a 4 x 5 block setting - 
and am stuck at the point 
when I should be sewing my borders on.
The short end of the pieced border 
is approx. 1 inch too short:

My usual dilemma - and I am ready to give up.
I tried pressing and pulling, but to no avail.
What now? 
Marking and sewing the pieced border
to the inner yellow border 
at a smaller distance?
Meaning the inner border ends up
being maybe just 3/4 inch finished size?

Thanks Jo for hosting:
you certainly made me buckle down
and get a Bonnie top closer to being finished!



  1. I would make the gold border narrower which should take care of the problem. Or you could sew some seams in the last border narrower which would make the strip/border longer. That is my problem too.

  2. Your quilt is beautiful - much prettier than many I've seen.

  3. rather than re-sewing all your side border blocks, i would just cut another strip of gold and piece it on to the existing top and bottom borders--thus extending them to the outside of the quilt sides.

  4. I may be too late to help...but, I agree with Judy above...I would trim your yellow border to a smaller size to match your pieced border size. Your quilt is beautiful!

  5. I checked your blog today (11/23) and almost thought you wrote it today but it was written in October!! Ha ha You fooled me. What are you up to??


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