Wednesday, January 21, 2015

350 blocks - early January count

Today in the Ikea lamp spot light -
all of my January blocks

* 2 big Swoon blocks
* 3 Hip to be Square Red/White blocks
* 19 Grand Illusion border blocks
for a grand total of 24!
The January goal was 20 blocks, 
and I made it!!!

Thanks so much to Prairie Moon Quilts:
none of these would have been made
without your 350 Blocks Project!

Sew on,


  1. Your Swoon blocks are gorgeous -- well, all of those blocks are gorgeous! That's a lot of sewing!

  2. Yay! Glad you met your goal for January! And your blocks are beautiful.

  3. So glad you made your goal. Thinking of you = it's 11:40 am. Hugs.

  4. Early morning - can't sleep - thought I would check in on your blog to see if you are posting. Later, dude!! :-)


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