Monday, September 1, 2014


for his book Beyond Neutrals.
So I just had to try 
and get a palette going. 
Well, that took a while...
But now I have one 
with Kona color list included - 
how cool is that!

One of my favorite photos from a trip to
Yellowstone Park in Winter 2013.
While not my usual quilt color scheme,
I just love it
and it holds a ton of great memories!

Kona colors identified are:
Stone, Silver, Moss,
Coffee, Ivy, Coal,
Caramel, Tan, Biscuit, Gold.

the Gold / Tan/ Caramel color angle
gave me this assortment:

Then onto Silver, Tan, Stone:

And finally Coffee, Moss, Ivy:

All in all I guess 
the Nature's Element bundle
would work just fine
for my photo interpretation!

"Cape Lookout" is my pattern pick
from the Beyond Neutral book:
(pic taken from Quiltdad blog)

Quiltdad - thank you so much
for the challenge!
I learned something new - 
and while I may not have conquered
photo mosaics ;-)
at least I tried!



  1. I too probably wouldn't have picked that colour scheme but do agree the fabrics look great and your photo of Yellowstone would make anyone want to visit!

  2. Looks great! Thanks for taking the challenge.

  3. Good job Barb! I'm impressed with both your picture and your post. It's true that we often use just white or beige for the backgrounds but, now that I think about it, one of my favorite quilts used gray as the background. Time to think more about this...


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