Sunday, March 23, 2014

Design Wall Monday

After the GLHQ Guild's 
Charity Sewing day on Saturday
I have been playing around with HST
for the final lay-out of this donation quilt:
So here comes my question to you:
do you like the left side better
or the right side?
I just changed the position 
of the pinkish HST's
to a solid strip on left
and a 'broken' strip on  the right.
Thanks you for your feedback!

I also received a fabulous package in the mail
from my BQFF Judy
have a look:
I just love the Log Cabin pillow
and it fits my living room colors perfectly.
And then she added 
some Aurifil spools and bobbins
for my new 'used' Bernina 230 - 
Yes, I am blessed to have such 
fabulous and generous friends!
Thanks Judy,
you are the best!!!

Last week I tried my new EZ boards 
Flamingo in 6 inch size
on a Charity quilt:
(Oops, it's sideways...)
The front was not too exciting 
with cheater fabric,
but hopefully the quilt will help 
keep someone warm 
and feel loved!
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Happy stitching,


  1. Your HST quilt layout - I love the right side

  2. Love your quilt so far. I would vote for the right hand side.

  3. I like the right.......either is a great design.
    LOVE the pillow!

  4. I'll make it unanimous, so far, and choose the right side.

  5. Me five! I love the right side too. That is some special charity quilt!!! Oh, I really like the pillow too...ha, ha

  6. I like both but probably lean to the right side. And, even though the amount of work required is the same for both sides it LOOKS like the right side is more difficult.

  7. I like the right side. It makes the quilt dance a little more.

  8. I like the right side better too. It is beautiful! Love the pillow too. I am Judy too, and live in Michigan in the summer. Hope spring comes to Michigan soon.

  9. I vote for the left side. Looks like I am the only one so far. I think the clean simple lines accentuate the design. I look forward to seeing what you decide.


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