Thursday, February 13, 2014

Love is All Around

I was in need of a quick,
 but beautiful Valentine's gift
and came across this tutorial
called "Love is All Around".
Loved everything about it,
but was running out of time quickly...

So I adapted her Applique "LOVE" Heart
and placed it in an embroidery hoop,
meaning no quilting or binding ;-)

Some excess fabric is left all around
since it will travel some distance
and may come undone...

And project # 2 was much more involved:
 a wall hanging
Twisting Heart quilt,
free tutorial here
(by Freemotion by the river)

While I don't have the lil' twister ruler,
I used the "Twist 'n Stitch" ruler
and 5 inch squares
Before 'twisting'
It looks like I used white inside the heart,
but it actually is a light pink fabric;
only the borders are white.
Don't you just love free tutorials -
a big thank you out into blogland!

that's it from my Valentine's Day front -
what did you make and gift?

Linking up to Sew Mama Sew's 
"Little Gifts of Love" contest.

Happy Valentine's Day,


  1. The twister heart turned out terrific! And I love your hoop art, I did a hoop project too!

  2. As the recipient of the hoop valentine, I must say, it's TERRIFIC! So interesting to look at the image and see a heart and then realize the letters of LOVE are there! Your stitching is excellent by the way! Thank you so much!!!


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