Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bitten by the tumbler bug

During my parents' visit 
they sponsored an Accuquilt Go cutter.
Isn't that nice?
And it arrived a few days ago.
It came with a bundle of dies
and I added the 3 1/2 & 6 1/2 Tumbler dies - 
now I can't stop cutting up scraps
and sewing mindlessly.
Have a look at the 3 1/2 size top:
The only 'rule':
one light and one dark(er) fabric sewn together.
Love the match up corners for easy sewing.
And hope it will reduce my scrap box content.
Didn't make a dent yet,
but one can hope!

This will become a nice donation quilt
and is perfect as leader-ender project - 
as long as you don't get hooked like I did
and drop everything else.
Don't worry,
I am still working on Fractured and Zig Zag... 
but for late night cutting & sewing
tumblers are great!
That's it for my mid-week check in,


  1. fun and a great quilt started. Every time you use your cutter, those nice parents will come to mind! :-)

  2. Beautiful quilt top! You have inspired me to try to make a tumbler quilt! :)

  3. Tumblers are fun (made 2 placemats with them) but I had to cut them separately (insert sad face) with rotary cutter. Your parents are super - what a wonderful gift!! Cute project!

  4. One of my favourites - tumbler quilts.I have the smaller sized tumbler with my Accuquilt but some fin my baskets would lend themselves to the larger size I think.

  5. Love the tumbler quilts. The only problems that when I start to make them I can't stop. they really are addictive.


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