Sunday, September 29, 2013

September - Craft Book Month 2013

Just at the beginning of September

and wanted to enter - 
but it needed to be a simple project.

and chose her pattern 'Coming Home' - perfect!

Going through my stash
I found a Halloween charm pack
and got started. 
And this morning
 just a few hours before the deadline,
I managed to finish my project.
Meet 'Simply Halloween':

I personalized the pattern a bit 
and left out the outer triangles,
because it didn't fit my Halloween theme.
I quilted it with Random Stars EZ boards.
Additionally I used Susie's Magic Binding
to get the cute orange flange.

Thanks Camille,
I love the pattern!
Simply Halloween will be hanging 
on my wall here shortly!

Thanks to Craft Buds and their inspiration
of actually using and creating things from Craft Books!

Happy sewing and crafting,

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  1. Turned out so nice! Your binding will now go very quickly with that new method!! Flange adds so much!


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