Monday, April 1, 2013

April Goal Setting Party

Somehow due to travel 
my entire month of March
was a wash when it comes to UFOs.
So it can only get better for April - or so I hope.

Joining back in again with a goal for
Finish Easy Street top:
finally measure, cut and sew the 2 borders!
Yep - I am at it again. 
As so often I run out of steam 
when it comes to borders...
There are 30 days in April,
so this should be doable!

Linking up to the 
April goal setting party at 
Fiber of All Sorts,


  1. That will be one beautiful quilt with the borders. I'll quilt my Nancy Drew cuddle quilt if you sew on your borders. Then we'll both be winners!

  2. I finished my easy street last month, but I didn't put any borders on. Still love it. I'm cheering you on!

  3. Good luck getting that border on. Personally I'm starting to like quilts without borders more and more. Cuts down on the fuss and trying to figure out if the quilting should be different, etc.


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