Sunday, January 13, 2013

Design Wall Monday

I have been busy sewing
and quilting
and binding!
Have a look at the bound Charity Quilt,
my UFO goal for January:
I quilted it in zig-zags and quite like the result!
And even better: It is bound!!! 

So I finally had time to get back to my
Easy Street Mystery
and sew 4 blocks and edge /corner units together:
I love the colors and the pattern by Bonnie
and it's good to see
that all these little pieces are slowly finding
theirs places in the quilt top.
Still lots to do,
but it looks

And last but not least: I figured out why my sewing machine
 was shredding more than sewing:
somehow the foot pressure was wrong (almost Zero)
and I couldn't sew a flying geese to save my life
(no fun especially during Bonnie's mystery...).
Now all is much better
and I can sew again without loosing my temper
every time I feed a piece of fabric!
Linking up to Judy's DWM!


  1. Nice charity quilt Barb. And your Easy Street is a real beauty!

  2. The zig zag quilting adds so much movement to the charity quilt. Looks great! Easy Street is also looking good. You're a bit further than I am; I'm still working on making the blocks.

  3. Your mystery quilt blocks are stunning. Love the color choices.

  4. So great to finish a UFO goal. Hopefully I can say the same soon.

  5. I like your charity quilt, I'm working on a couple donation quilts with a very similar pattern. I did Easy Street, too and still have to assemble the blocks into a flimsy. Not sure when I'll ever get it quilted!

  6. Your Easy Street is turning out beautifully. Looks like you are about in the same place I am with construction.
    I really like the zigzag quilting on your charity quilt and think I will try it on one of my QOV. It adds a lot of movement.
    Beth in MN

  7. So pretty... that easy street doesn't look so easy. I have had problems with my machine too and when I found out the pressure on the foot thing, I was so happy it was an easy fix!!

  8. Love your Easy Street colors! Glad your machine is working frustrating when they aren't!



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