Sunday, December 2, 2012

Design Wall Monday

Guess what: 
I have finished my Sandy-Streak of Sunshine top!

I added the leftover strips to the bottom and top,
then a 2 inch and 5 inch border
and the final size is 71 x 84 inches.

I also finished all 192 grey / white 4-patches
and started step # 2.
Am running out of white-black fabric,
but all purple units are cut (and then some):

And then there is still a charity quilt on the frame,
ready for quilting...
Will test run the zig-zag EZ boards
and hope it will work.



  1. You sure do good things, Barbara! Love the Sandy Streak of Lightening.

  2. Hey. Looks like you use the same brand lunch meat as us :)
    Well Done, great geese.

  3. I like your Easy Street parts - will be a beautiful quilt. I like the charity quilt too! Do you cut all your scraps into 2 inch strips?

  4. Lovely rail quilt and Sandy quilt, and your purple units are gorgeous. So many varieties of lovely purple - I just don't use enough purple.

  5. Great quilts and progress on your Easy Street segments.


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