Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bonnie Hunter in Ann Arbor!

Guess who I saw today: Bonnie in Ann Arbor at the QG. 
As always loved her lecture and wished 
I could have gotten a spot in her Texas Braid workshop.
Despite longer planing somehow I ended up going on my own, 
but I had a  different kind of company - 

Marybeth this is for you!
Ok, maybe you thought you are dreaming,
but I have proof that you were there:

 at the guest check in,

looking around at all the action,

at the library 
in the auditorium,

and with Bonnie, buying her book!

Yep, you got it signed, too!

Photos of Bonnie's quilts were hard to get right -
but here is one of my favorites
and on my bucket list:
Pineapple Crazy:

It was a great guild meeting\
and I think I will be coming back for more!


  1. What a good friend and how fun for you and MB!! You are the best!!

  2. BARBARA!! You are amazing! I thankyou my friend. I feel like I was there. (How DID you DO that?? ;-)

  3. This is so awesome Barb! Now I know what you were up to!! :)


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