Monday, September 3, 2012

Design Wall Monday

I have started on my Feather Bed Quilt
with 1 Central Park Jelly roll
and Kona Chocolate Brown background,
here is where I am right now:

Still wondering which color to use 
for the feather spine
Chartreuse or
Orange or
maybe both.

I also spend some time preparing 
yet another Farmer's Wife block 14 - 
Butterfly of the Crossroad:

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Happy sewing on Labor Day,


  1. I think I like the orange - it seems to pop on the feather and on the background. Looks like a fun project. Your next FW block looks great.

  2. Beautiful feathers -- I'd have to go with both colors for the spines - I think they need each other.

  3. Love the feathers! I think both the orange and the chartreuse look good. Either color will be wonderful. Happy stitching!

  4. What neat feathers! I really like the orange!

  5. Love the feathers, and I think both colours for the spines.

  6. What an unusual quilt block. Is it appliqued on? I think the orange really pops on the leaves but then I wonder if it would draw too much attention to the spines.

  7. I like both but I also love orange and lime green together so I could be biased. ;-)


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