Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Decisions, decisions...

Somehow I'd love to start.... a new project...
Hrumph, sounds familiar?
Guess what: the pre-selection is already done!
Pattern: Feather Bed Quilt
(Free pattern by Anna Maria Horner) -
I just love this pattern!

Fabric: Central Park Jelly roll
Background: ???
1) Kona Chocolate
2) Kona Black

3) Cats Meow by Benartex (light patterned)

4) Mottled blue from Connecting thread 
(or potentially a Kona Blue, just don't have it at hand)

5)Kona Charcoal

Which background do you like best?
Or do you have a better suggestion?

I need some 5 1/3 yrds of background fabric 
for a Twin size 72x90 top. 
Most Kona fabrics listed I can get locally 
and add to my available yards;
I've got 5 yrds 9 inches of the Cats Meow 
- and I hope to wing it...
or add some other brown
as an odd block or 2.

Somehow I want a strong contrast
between feather and background.
And white just didn't do it for me,
especially for Central Park.
The plan is to cut some jelly roll strips
into 1 and 1/12 inch strips
to give the feather some variation.
The original pattern uses yardage
(2 1/2 yrds for the feathers),
but we'll see how a JR works.



(I am torn between Chocolate and Charcoal...)


  1. Chocolate it'd be for me. It was a hard decision though!

  2. I like the chocolate too. You did a charcoal one before (even though you gave it away) but I'm a big fan of chocolate, I mean, brown and blue. :) Can't wait to see more.


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