Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stash Report January

I had been planing on joining for Judy's stash report, but only with a monthly participation.Since next weekend will be busy, I guess I better join in today.
My first finish was Lawn chair with 5 yrds ( backing & binding). I have been slowly sewing away on my Orca Bay and guestimate about 1 yard.

Stash Report January 2012:
Fabric used: 6 yrds
Total fabric used:
Fabric added: 0 yrds
Total fabric added: 0yrds
Total Stash reduction: 6 yrds

Please check Judy's blog for all the other stash reports.
And if you still have time to look & wouldn't mind helping me with my background fabric choice, I would appreciate it.
As a reward for finishing Lawn Chair, I pulled my Hometown FQ pack (9 FQ's won a while back) and joined the "Made in Cherry QA" hosted by Pins & Bobbins. The original pattern is from Sarah Fielke and can be found here.
All week I have been checking out the flickr pictures and after seeing I'm a gingermonkey's California Cherries, I chose the 60 x 60 version and jumped right in. It's perfect for my hometown FQ pack (you only need 8 FQ's + background).

So this morning I went from this:
To this:
And now I am agonizing over my background fabric:

Upper left corner: Kona Charcoal Grey
Upper right corner: Muslin/ off white
Lower left corner: Kona Ash
Lower right: Babbles (white & black)

So ig you have a favorite of the 4 or a different color you would use for Hometwon Cherries, please let me know!

Have a great Sunday,


  1. I like the off white muslin myself.

  2. Babbles would be my pick. I enjoy your blog.

  3. How cute! Well, I like the babbles or the ash. It all depends on how much contrast you're wanting.

  4. Love the top and I like the muslin too.

  5. I see your dilema! I really like the Kona Coal (but I'm a bit partial to this anyway)...and I like the Ash. Good luck deciding. I love your star and thank you for commenting on mine!


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